Latest CD album: “Katteguld” (“Catgold”)

Listening to Hanne Methling is an intense and special experience you won’t forget.

Hanne Methling is a Danish singer/songwriter in the Folk/World genre inspired by different song traditions as Scandinavian, oriental, jazz and classical. She plays a remarkable fingerpicking acoustic guitar, often in times as 6/8, 5/4 and 11/16. She writes and sings in Danish and she also uses her voice as an instrument with wordless vocal in her songs. Performing outside Scandinavia she introduces her songs in English.

The lyrics of Hanne Methling are like poems, very visual, innovative and based in a deep human connection with nature. As one of very few songwriters she has received a grant from the literary committee of the Danish Arts Foundation. She also made music for F.G. Lorca and sings him in a Danish translation.

The oriental inspiration is from her childhood, when she nine years old visited her elder sister in Algeria. Here she heard the Arabian song for the first time, and it made such an impression on her that it was integrated into her own way of singing, as a touch of foreign spice. With a big vocal range she mixes the North and the Orient.

Hanne Methling usually performs solo, but on her new album, “Katteguld” (“Catgold”) she has invited some of the best musicians in Denmark: Hugo Rasmussen, Pierre Dørge, Irene Becker, Morten Carlsen, Paul Banks, Martin Andersen, Jørgen Lang, Øyvind Ougaard. The album also presents a very special recording with the world famous composer Per Nørgård at the piano. He is playing his piano piece “Star Barcarole” which he composed for Hanne Methlings song “Der hvor de falder fra hinanden” (“Where they fall apart”).